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Acertis inaugurates the CFO Hot Line
in Luxembourg

On 1 March 2012, Acertis made available to financial officers a team of experts who can be mobilised promptly to meet one-off needs. For more information, please contact us at

Acertis Meeting Points serve top executives

Acertis offers an effective and easy solution to discuss hot topics with other business leaders: the Acertis Meeting Points.
Would you like to know more about the IFRS for SMEs ?
A one-day IFRS training dedicated to SMEs is scheduled to take place on September 5, 2014 in Brussels.

To learn more, please contact Acertis at:


Acertis has built up a solid expertise in the Asset Management Industry with a focus on hedge funds, private equity vehicles and real estate structures (included in the scope of the “Alternative Investment” segment) and offers a broad range of accounting, tax compliance, financial reporting, financial consolidation and valuation services to investors, large corporations, financial institutions, investment funds and asset managers investing or operating in the Alternative Investment segment.


What challenges do you face today?

Whatever your business sector, you are ceaselessly confronted with new challenges. As a top executive, you have to understand not only the challenges themselves but also the impact they can have on your organisation and the measures you have to take to cope with.

Below we look at some of the challenges likely to influence your activities and that require a suitable strategy.

Finance function: Increasing efficiency through smart sourcing

In today’s business environment requiring ever higher-level skills, many companies today are experiencing difficulties in attracting competent financial staff or in producing reliable and complete financial data on a timely basis.

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Financial Reporting: Differentiating from competition

In today’s increasingly global economy, relevant, reliable, clear, consistent and comparable financial reporting with a quick turnaround offers an improved basis for decision-making for businesses and investors and helps corporations differentiate from competition.

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IFRS. A prerequisite to expand at the EU level

A still growing number of European companies are affected by the obligation to use International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) throughout the EU. This need to report under IFRS is not limited to listed companies. More and more non listed multinationals, subsidiaries and investment schemes are subject to complying with IFRS.

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Bringing added value to your financial consolidation process

Consolidation reporting represents a major challenge for a company's financial management. It is a tool at the service of group performance monitoring and contributes to the quality of communication with investors and other stakeholders.

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Tax compliance: Protecting against financial and reputational risks

As the pace and complexity of tax changes continue to increase in response to an ever greater pressure from authorities, meeting direct and indirect tax obligations puts an extra burden on your organization and expose it to significant non-compliance risks.  In particular, VAT on management services has become a stay-awake issue for many top executives.

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Valuation at the cornerstone of your decision-making process

In an increasingly complex business environment, the valuation issues surrounding mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting (IFRS for example), restructuring, tax planning and disputes have become more difficult to manage than ever.

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Managing risk to outpace competition

Overall risk management is a core business for Acertis. By controlling risks associated with their activities, companies are able to outpace their competitors on a sustainable basis, reduce the cost of risks and improve their performance significantly.

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