Administrative and Accounting support

Faced with an increasingly complex and binding regulatory environment that evolves constantly and shorter time periods for compiling, checking and forwarding financial information, the technical nature and multitude of accounting standards and the unavailability of resources, companies consider the use of a third party specialised in accounting and business advisory to be an important source of flexibility and effectiveness.

Your challenges

As an administrative and financial officer or chief accountant, you wish to:

  • Provide coaching for your teams
  • Engage a third party for one-off accounting or financial tasks stemming from an overload of work or the partial or total unavailability of internal resources
  • Reconstruct account activity and balances following an unanticipated departure
  • Manage temporary situations following a reorganisation of your activities
  • Be able to rely on immediately available expertise
  • Have access to additional resources to carry out specific assignments
  • Increase the security of the functioning of a service or department to cope with an exceptional situation
  • Obtain support for financial closing activities and facilitate the task of the statutory auditor

Meeting your needs

Acertis experts, who are specialised in accounting and financial support, have extensive technical expertise, excellent knowledge of your business sector, proven methodologies and people skills that facilitate their integration into your teams.

The range of services offered by Acertis is characterised by the swift availability of experienced resources adapted to the nature of the tasks and by work plans customized to your needs.