Tax Compliance

As the pace and complexity of tax changes continue to increase in response to an ever greater pressure from authorities, meeting direct and indirect tax obligations puts an extra burden on your organization and expose it to significant penalties in case of non-compliance. In particular, VAT on management services has become a stay-awake issue for many top executives as inadequate processes can lead to significant additional cost mainly due to non recoverability of input VAT.  Last but not least, tax authorities require a greater visibility into your tax, financial and accounting processes making the status quo not an option.

Your challenges

As a business executive you are keen to:

  • Ensure your company complies with the tax regulations including the latest changes
  • Concentrate your resources on more strategic activities instead of preparing tax returns and record-keeping

Meeting your needs

Acertis can help your organization meeting your tax obligations in various ways:

  • Preparing and filing of corporate income tax (CIT) returns
  • VAT registration of companies and investment funds
  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns
  • Review of tax assessments
  • Facilitating and resolving enquiries from tax authorities