Business advisory

In a context of increasing competition, growing complexity of activities, fast technological changes and ever growing demands of clients, the quality of internal processes related to areas as varied as:

  • Research and development
  • Procurement
  • Production
  • Sales
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Storage
  • Finance
  • Treasury
  • Human resources
  • IT systems
  • General services

enables companies to set themselves apart  effectively and to enhance their reputation with stakeholders.

Outstanding companies are aware of the value that effective processes add to the quality of their services, the satisfaction of their clients and the growth and profitability of their activities.

Many of these internal processes are referred to as transversal processes because they concern several services and departments. For such processes to be fully effective, it is important to de-compartmentalise them and to ensure that all the players concerned in the organisation take part in the value chain.

Along with the effectiveness of operating processes, it is important to measure a company's performance at regular intervals.

Management and budgetary control provide support for performance measurement and business steering.

Management control is a high added-value relay between executive management and each centre of responsibility, allowing for ongoing analysis of the company's performance.

Effective budgetary management makes it possible to steer the business in real time, identify gaps, analyse them, forward key information and take remedial actions where necessary.

Your challenges

As a member of executive management or a department head, you wish to:

  • Enhance your internal processes
  • Implement an effective budgetary procedure
  • Obtain support for implementing cost accounting
  • Ensure controls of production costs and margins
  • Evaluate the relevance of your production costs
  • Measure the performance of your company and/or departments
  • Analyse the profitability of your clients, products, departments and markets
  • Organise a staff training programme

Meeting your needs

Acertis provides services that support companies aiming to improve their organisational structure, internal processes and performance control. Its offering includes the following services:

  • Optimisation or overhaul of internal processes
  • Drafting of operating procedures
  • Design and implementation of budgetary and/or cost accounting
  • Control of production costs and margins
  • Structuring of production costs
  • Development of performance indicators and scoreboards
  • Cost monitoring
  • Analysis of profitability by client, product, department and market
  • Operating audits
  • Organisation of staff training programmes 

The added value of Acertis experts resides in their extensive technical skills, their experience in project management, their detailed knowledge of your business sector, their proven methodologies and their people skills, which facilitate their integration into your teams.

Acertis aims to provide support and to help you identify effective and innovative solutions.