Risk Management

Overall risk management is a core business for Acertis. By controlling risks associated with their activities, companies are able to outpace their competitors on a sustainable basis, reduce the cost of risks and improve their performance significantly.

In other words, an effective risk management system enables companies to:

  • Identify risks on an ongoing basis and measure their possible impact on the organisation
  • Integrate risks into their strategy
  • Draw up more robust business plans
  • Reduce the cost of capital
  • Have an overview of all risks, whatever the business or geographical zone
  • Include the risk premium in price setting for products and services
  • Have a coherent risk transfer and acceptance policy
  • Eliminate redundant and unnecessary activities that also expose the company to greater risks
  • Reduce the volatility of results
  • Improve communication with stakeholders and boost their confidence in the organisation

Risk management is consequently a vital challenge for organisations that wish to guarantee profitability, growth and transparency for all stakeholders.

The main areas in which Acertis operates are:

  • Internal control and corporate governance
  • Internal audit
  • IT systems
  • Privacy
  • Protecting against fraud