Due diligence

When an organisation wishes to carry out an external growth transaction and appoints an independent expert to carry out certain checks on the assets, financial position and past performance of the target company, this is referred to as buy side due diligence.

On the other hand, when the seller of a business appoints an independent expert to evaluate past and projected performance, we speak of vendor due diligence. The objective is to optimise the conditions for the sale of the activity. This type of audit enables the sellers to anticipate problems and minimise the risk of failure of the disposal transaction.

In addition to financial due diligence, including tax aspects, due diligence relating to strategic, commercial, operational, environmental, social and legal challenges may also be considered.

Your challenges

As a member of executive management, you wish to:

  • Evaluate the assets, financial performance, commitments, past and projected performance of a company that you are considering buying
  • Identify the risks associated with the activity that you are considering selling

Meeting your needs

The professionals who perform due diligence audits have acquired unique experience as a result of the many audits they have carried out for merchant banks and companies specialised in company buyouts.

Acertis experts are available to evaluate the advisability, nature and extent of audit procedures in connection with plans for the acquisition or sale of a company.