Domiciliation, corporate secretarial and liquidation support services

Acertis provides the following other services:

  • Assistance in company setting up
  • Domiciliation services
  • Corporate secretarial services
  • Liquidation (support) services

Company setting up

  • Drafting of articles of incorporation, in collaboration with notaries
  • Liaising and coordinating with authorities, banks and other third parties
  • Completion of various administrative tasks: acting on behalf of the founders in front of the notary, opening bank accounts, having the new company registered with the VAT authorities, etc.

Domiciliation and corporate secretarial services

  • Providing companies with a registered office
  • Mail handling
  • Providing facilities for shareholders/ partners meetings and/or board meetings
  • Attending meeting, either with the client or on its behalf
  • Preparing minutes and resolutions
  • Assisting in making amendments to articles of incorporation
  • Follow-up of legal formalities
  • Filing of annual accounts including eCDF filing
  • Filing of private deeds with the RCS
  • Creating and maintaining statutory registers and minutes books

Liquidation (support) services

  • Project management (including the preparation of a liquidation work plan)
  • Coordination with the various third parties involved (auditors, tax advisors, notaries, banks, etc.)
  • Identification of assets and liabilities
  • Estimation and follow up of liquidation costs
  • Preparation of related corporate documentation (i.e. notices of meetings)
  • Termination of all contracts between the dissolved entity and third parties
  • Legal publications
  • Recovering and realising the dissolved company's assets
  • Payment of invoices
  • Preparation of closing balance sheets
  • Preparation of final tax returns
  • Submission of the results of the liquidation (interim liquidator’s report) to the shareholders
  • Drafting of a liquidation report
  • Payment of liquidation proceeds to the shareholders
  • Communication with the shareholders, the auditors and regulated bodies
  • Deregistration (social security, tax authorities, CSSF, Luxembourg Stock Exchange, etc.)